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I want to become a cater and want to use myMozo Cater.

Becoming a cater is easy. Just call
Phone:1-855-521-7849 and ask the customer service that you want to sign up for cater.
After completing the formalities, you can become myMozo Cater.

How do we get order?

Once your setup is completed we advertise for your restaurants catering services and make it more visible than your competitors.
myMozo works for our customers (Restaurants) to be visible more in the web world. That helps their customers to view their services on line more accurately and efficiently.

What are the things needed to sign up with myMozo?

You need to agree with the terms and conditions of myMozo Cater.
You will have to provide all the necessary information for setup you’re a/c
You will have to intimate for any changes in you’re a/c like (Price changes, Hours of Operations, Email, Fax, tax, open/close service, Completing the catering request etc.

How I will get notified?

There are several method for notifying the Restaurant about the new Catering order. Like Fax, Email, Auto call, Web interface and few others.

How I will get paid?

Depending upon the amount and transaction we send you the check or we might do direct deposit depending upon the company policies.


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